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    March 02, 2011


    Navneet Vats

    I think the need of the hour is include phytonutrients in the diet because our body is more suited to digest green foods. They are antioxidant rich and fight of free radicals that are responsible for diseases like Cancer, etc. Fortifying cereals with vitamins and minerals, alone will alone not serve the purpose but including organic natural produce, because of its twin functions- body detoxification and nutrition, will help the cause. Aloe Vera gel is fine example of such nutrition


    Apparently Americans eat three times more cereal than other nations. Processed like the rice puffs, corn flake type of stuff.
    You really are better off eating the box. To get a kernel of corn to turn into a corn flake takes a vast amount of heat and pressure, and in the process takes any semblance of goodness out of it.
    The reason these companies fortify their cereals with added vitamins etc., is that if they didn't, the said cereals couldn't be classified as food. They have no nutritional value at all, except what is sprayed on them.


    I so agree with your post.
    I feel in the States so called capitalist company everything usually revolves around money. If a company can make money by selling a "key" word(replace with antioxidant,low fat, probiotic) they will do it.
    It is indeed sad and why are american's so gullible?

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